| Friday, August 19, 2016


香江国际中国地产(HKI China Land)即为Mi2长期合作的客户之一。香江国际中国地产隶属香港香江国际集团,其近30年的地产开发背景让其成为亚太区地产界的翘楚。




Mi2’s winning combination of innovative design and high-quality fit-out has enabled it to grow from a Beijing-based start-up into a global company, with offices across Asia-Pacific.

And as the company has grown, so has the scope of the projects that it works on. Mi2 doesn’t just specialize in office space, it now works on projects spanning the real estate spectrum, from showcase public spaces to glamorous high-end boutiques.

Strong client partnerships have always been central to Mi2’s success. HKI China Land, Asia-Pacific’s leading real estate developer, is one such partner.

Fortune Plaza, a high-profile series of integrated, mixed-use real estate projects in cities across China, developed by HKI China Land, is a good example of how the two companies work together. Mi2 has worked on the design and fit-out of a number of Fortune Plaza developments nationwide, including in Beijing, Xi’an and Chongqing.

Chongqing Fortune Plaza encompasses office and retail space, as well as high-quality apartments. Located in the heart of Chongqing’s New North Zone development area, it functions as the city’s new 24-hour lifestyle hub, and as a powerful symbol of the new Chongqing.

Mi2’s design for Chongqing Fortune Plaza emphasizes the area’s buzzing, urban atmosphere and youthful energy, with its sophisticated colors, clean lines and striking lighting.